About Us

ManitobaLife.com, is a Manitoba Internet directory, established by IT Life in January 2000. Our goal is to create a web site that reflects the diversity of Manitoba's businesses, arts, sports and services. The Company provides products and services including direct links to the ManitobaLife.com portal site containing information on a range of topics, advertising and e-commerce. The company also provides database management as well as web design, software development and maintenance and technical consulting. ManitobaLife.com has an advertising and e-commerce capability that is growing significantly and will be provided to businesses and other organizations across Manitoba who require high end technically functional web sites. ManitobaLife.com has identified what it believes to be a unique opportunity in the rapidly growing, but still relatively immature, Internet market. The Company has entered into and is continuing to negotiate agreements with a range of Internet Service Providers and portal and destination site operators to provide those with the range of services. ManitobaLife.com has a talented and experienced team with experience in researching, consulting and developing products and services for the Internet.

Mission statement

  • To form strong partnerships with our clients.
  • To provide dynamic and innovative Internet solutions that enable our clients to reach a wider audience.
  • To constantly monitor, refine and adapt the latest technological developments to the commercial advantage of our clients.
  • To translate superior technology into user-friendly and highly efficient business directory.

Our focus is on delivering a return on our clients' Internet investments.

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